Classic swing top bottles feature an elegant yet durable construction with several key components that enable convenient use while preventing leakage and preserving products optimally. These elements include:

  • Glass bottle – handmade or machine-manufactured vessel designed specifically to client specifications. Made from ultra clear, colored, textured, or patterned glass.
  • Swing top lid –top hardware piece containing rubber gasket to create an airtight seal against the rim of the bottleneck. Attaches to neck ring.
  • Neck ring –metal ring grip that secures tightly to the bottleneck while allowing the lid to open/close via attached wire arms. Provides clamping mechanism.
  • Wire arms – bilateral metal arms with a pivot joint in the center, enabling the bottle top to swing 180 degrees horizontally to vertically. Allows lid to flip upright for easy pouring.
  • Clasp – metal closure brace that slides along wire arms to compress them against the neck and hold the lid vertically shut when not in use. Maintains positive seal.

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