How to better clean glass bottles 2023

How to clean glass bottles is a common question regarding glass bottle hygiene. Glass bottles are widely used by the food and beverage industry. Therefore, reusing and recycling glass bottles is the ultimate choice for people. Use proper techniques to clean them. Let us guide you with the tips starting with our blog.-clean glass bottles

How to clean glass bottles?

1, daily use of glass as long as soaked in acid vinegar in 30 minutes, can be as shiny as new. Crystal glass cups and other delicate tea sets, can be wiped with a cloth dipped in vinegar, fine blackened place, with a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in vinegar, salt mixed into the solution can be gently wiped. In addition, the glassware will be rinsed with water, pour such as about 40 degrees of warm water to brush, and then let it dry naturally, you can also remove the bottom of the cup tea scale.

2, smear some toothpaste on the bottom of the cup, and then wipe with a nylon cloth. You can also dip fine salt scrub, the effect is also very good.

3, very easy to clean, especially tea scale. The plastic bag into a ball, soaked, put a small amount of edible alkali, scrub the cup, it is easy to clean.

How to clean glass bottles?

1, rice: 10 grains of rice into the bottle, pour water, the amount of water is about one-fifth of the capacity of the bottle, and then cover the bottle after shaking hard for 10 seconds, and then rinse with water, easy to clean the difficult glass bottle.

2, white vinegar: clean glass bottles before we make our own cleaning solution, pour water inside the container, then pour a spoonful of salt, and then we pour white vinegar, mix well, pour into the glass bottle soaked for two minutes. Finally, we use a toothbrush to brush the glass bottle, cleaned with water a few times on it.

3, lemon: we know that the glass bottle used for a long time, the surface will accumulate a layer of dirt, at this time, you can cut the lemon in half, the top smeared with salt, and then the lemon cut side of the lemon overlay full of salt rubbing back and forth on the glass, and then rinse with water on the OK.

4, toothpaste: the method is very simple, is to squeeze a little toothpaste, rubbing back and forth on the glass bottle, and then wash with water after the glass bottle is clean as new.

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