Inspection Process Of Glass Bottle

For most glass bottle manufacturers, after the products leave the factory, they will receive various product quality problems from customers every year, causing customers’ complaints and losses to both sides. Blame reason: it is mainly caused by improper quality monitoring in the production process. Now I will discuss the key points of quality monitoring in the production process.

Mold inspection

Most manufacturers specializing in the production of glass wine bottles produce according to the molds provided by customers, or according to the newly opened molds of drawings and sample bottles. For the key dimensions of molds that will affect the molding, they must communicate and negotiate with customers at the time of mold opening to reach a consensus on the modification opinions of key dimensions.
All molds shall be matched with the die, initial die and finished die when entering the factory, and shall be inspected according to the drawings or customer’s requirements.

First article inspection

It refers to the first 10-30 products produced after the mold is put into the machine and before the annealing line. 2-3 products are selected from each mold for size inspection, with the focus on the bottle height and size; Inner and outer diameter of bottle mouth; Whether the lettering on the base is correct and clear; Whether the bottle body pattern is correct.

When the bottle comes out from the annealing line, the quality inspection personnel shall limit the number of products manufactured by each molding to 2-3, and test them in all aspects according to the drawings. The key point is that in addition to the above, the capacity measurement, material weight measurement and internal and external diameter of the bottle mouth shall be carried out. If necessary, fill the bottle with water, and use the customer supplied cover for physical assembly to test whether the cover can be in place and whether there is water leakage. The internal pressure, internal stress and acid and alkalinity resistance shall be tested.

Process inspection

If the mold is not changed, take 2 samples from each mold every 2 hours to test the capacity and material weight. In addition, it is necessary to test the inner and outer diameter of the bottle mouth. Because the mold is easy to be covered with oil during use, the cover is not tight and wine leakage occurs.

During the manufacturing process, a new mold may be replaced due to the mold. Therefore, after the mold is replaced, the molding workshop must immediately notify the quality inspection workshop. The quality inspection workshop must do a good job in the first article inspection and process inspection of the bottles made with the new mold, so as to prevent quality problems caused by missing inspection due to unknown quality inspection after the mold is replaced.

Inspection Process Of Glass Bottle

The quality of glass products is guaranteed. Every process is strictly inspected or sampled to ensure that the products meet the quality standards. Product quality is the most important, good product quality can be stable and long-term.

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