Different liquor bottle sizes

Different liquor bottle sizes for different types of spirits.Alcohol bottles come in different sizes. Liquor bottle sizes are available in a variety of sizes. The standard size is 750 ml, also known as a fifth (one-fifth of a gallon). Other common sizes include 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 375 ml, 1 liter and 1.75 liter.

For example, a tequila bottle is usually 750 ml, while a vodka bottle is usually 1 liter.

The size and weight of the glass bottle will affect the cost, so it is important to consider the type of wine, capacity, and cost when choosing the size of the bottle. So choose a reliable glass bottle manufacturer that will work with you to create the ideal bottle with the right type of seal and packaging design

different liquor bottle sizes

Miniature Liquor Bottle

In the mid-18th century, miniature glass spirits bottles began to appear, which could hold 50ml of wine and were used for many purposes, as small samples in promotions

200ml glass bottle price


A half-pint in milliliters is 200 milliliters or 6.8 ounces. A half-pint of alcohol contains approximately four 1.5 ounce glasses. The most common type of half pint is brandy

500 ml glass bottle

500ml Liquor Bottle

In Russia and most Eastern European countries, 500 ml is the "standard" liquor bottle sizes in the market

700 ml glass bottle

700ml&750ml Liquor Bottle

For spirits, there are 2 most standard sizes: 700 ml and 750 ml. The choice between these 2 sizes will determine the sales performance of the product. 700 ml is usually the bottle size in Europe, while 750 ml is usually the bottle size in the US. For example, in Mexico and South America, both sizes can be sold. Each country has its own criteria for choosing a size

1000ml glass bottle

1 liter liquor bottle

The larger the capacity, the better it is for preserving spirits. 1000 ml brand spirits sell well in large supermarkets and nightclubs and restaurants.

General spirits bottle

General liquor bottle

The Boston round glass bottle is one of the most common, and the bottle can be found in many kinds of spirits brands. A classic never goes out of style

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