Manufacturing Process

Step-by-step glass bottle making

Modern Manufacturing Process, 400,000 Glass Bottles A Day

Glass bottle ingredients


Before Manufacturing Process.the raw materials for making glass bottles are sand, soda ash, limestone and broken glass mixed in a certain proportion to make soda lime glass

Heating Furnace

The raw material is subjected to a high temperature of about 1600°C in a heating furnace. The water evaporates, the organic matter is burned off, and the rest of the mixture melts to form molten glass.Can handle hundreds of tons of cullet a day

glass smelter
Manufacturing Process

Molding Process

As each drop falls into a series of molds, the final product begins to take shape in the molding machine. Compressed air blows the droplets into shape and expands them into a glass container (the final shape is obtained by the blow-blow method)

Annealing Processes

Manufacturing process key process, the glass bottles are cooled during transport before entering the annealing furnace. This is a long kiln with controlled temperature. In it, the glass bottle is slowly reheated and then gradually cooled again before entering the packaging stage


Inspecting Glass Bottles

Each glass bottle goes through a series of checks to ensure it meets the highest factory standards. Experts also manually and visually inspect random samples to ensure quality.

The inspected container is ready to be shipped to our showroom

Surface Treatment

After the glass bottle is finished, deep processing. They can be used for decoration, labels, and even scuff protection.

  • Engraving、Spray Painting
  • Screen Printing、Electroplating
  • Frosting、Embossing
Craftsmanship Customized