What services can we offer?

Create a custom glass bottle

Our team transforms your ideas into unique glass packaging designs.


Manufacturing Process

From bottle molds to automated production machines. We Services.Let’s click the button to find out


Deep Processing

Create glass bottles for the development of premium wine, champagne or spirits brands


Select Sealing

We can choose from different styles of closures to make your bottles stand out.We will control the seal  


Warehouse logistics

With our extensive experience in inventory management, we are ready to serve you.


Decoration and labeling

There are many options for decorative glass, and we offer all the decorative solutions to make your dreams come true, even if they are unique and selected from a range of criteria.


Screen printing、Coating、Hot stamping、Frosted look


A label represents your brand, let's build it together

Sealing solutions for each bottle

We provide the accessories you need, with manufacturing equipment that can produce aluminum, plastic, wood, glass, polymer covers, and many custom designed accessories

Navigator Glass is committed to custom glass packaging one-stop solution


Recent Projects


Four colors of glass bottles

Tequila is currently the darling of the spirits world. Here’s a celebrity launching a new brand of tequila. The multi-colored design highlights the sweetness of the ripe tequila


Tequilana Weber

Agave is the star of the show here, along with the wonderful aromas and flavors of the barrels. The classic long-necked round glass bottle is used. It is amazing

Navigator specializes in the production and decoration of glass bottles

We produce high quality glass bottles for you on time and on budget