Warehouse Shipping


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Warehouse Shipping is the final link.In addition to our  manufacturing line, we are equipped with a warehouse to store our products and safely store our customers’ bottles. We can work out a storage plan with you and on-time delivery is one of the reasons why many customers choose Navigator Glass

Bottle Packing

Provide a variety of packaging methods, carton packaging, pallet packaging, carton pallet packaging

  • Pallets: use wrapping paper to avoid wear and tear in transit
  • Carton: both grid paper and wrapping paper can be used


You can find over 5,000 finished products stored here, stocking up before the peak sales season. When storing, we wrap the package with plastic film outside to prevent the entry of dust

Warehouse Shipping

Glass shipping is very fragile, our shipping department completes a series of work according to high standards to ensure that customers receive the product safely

  •  Delivery: efficient sample delivery
  • Sea freight: safe and economical
Warehouse Shipping


We are a specialized supplier of glass bottles. All our glass bottles are made according to different weights and different deep processing or decoration requirements. After we confirm the project details, we will have an accurate quotation for you

If you do not customize LOGO, decoration, deep processing on the glass bottle, no charge

Provide FedEx DHL TNT cash on delivery account information, if not, the appropriate courier fees will apply

In-stock bottle 1pcs

Custom size, shape, decoration, label, MOQ 6000-12000pcs

Yes, we can provide most documents, including certificates of analysis/safety; origin and other required export documents.

Of course! We already have many customers with private molds, custom design shape pattern capacity, etc.

Too many choices! Ask for whatever you want, including screen printing, metallic foil, frosting, decals, heat transfers, and we can even customize your color by spraying a coating on the clear bottle.

Navigator specializes in the production and decoration of glass bottles

We produce high quality glass bottles for you on time and on budget